COVID19 Resources

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BLN is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees, clients, and residents of the communities we serve. Our dedicated professionals are hard at work on project-specific assignments and we remain available and responsive to the new or changing needs of our clients. Our team includes experts who specialize in incident and emergency management, disaster preparedness, and recovery—regardless of the cause.

Our emergency management services are available to support clients across our markets in their response to this unprecedented pandemic. Our services support business, government, healthcare, and university continuity and include disaster planning and preparedness, FEMA PA services, inspections and testing, and water utility emergency plans and assessments specific to infectious disease.

Supplemental Resources

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FEMA Assistance Information:

We work closely with healthcare leaders and encourage everyone to follow CDC guidance and stay safe during this global event. Our commitment is real: we put our 3D printers to work producing PPE for one of the largest healthcare systems in Indiana, our home state.