Broadband Services

Broadband Services

BLN Broadband has a no-cost software platform offering you a tailored total cost of ownership model with an ROI calculator. We work with you to create the fundamental design for building AND maintaining your network–covering all aspects so you can plan financially and physically.

Let us show you how your libraries, your lighting, your public safety, your infrastructure, and city management concerns can be integrated to bring a better way of life to the community in which you live.

Don’t let the lingo confuse you…

  • Internet Services
  • OTT – Over the Top
  • Streaming
  • Smart City
  • Security
  • Metering
  • WiFi
  • 5G
  • Traffic Management
  • Monitoring
  • Applications (apps)
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Cloud 

What We Do

Feasibility Studies

  • Conceptual designs with features and benefits require an assessment of constructability, costs, and timeframe.

Financial Analysis and Pro Formas

  • Whether going to the bank, applying for a grant, or preparing for a referendum, a thorough set of revenues and costs is required.

Engineering Design

  •  Infrastructure design, ROW services (including acquisition), water system design, and specialty consulting—we are full service infrastructure engineers.

Construction Management

  • Our project managers are trusted by our clients to ensure quality and safety and to meet timelines and budget.

Operations and Revenue Structure

We will work with you to develop the business plan’s revenue projections and the operation to make it happen.

Managing the Mandates

  • Water Management
  • Wastewater CSO
  • Energy Metering
  • LED Street Lights
  • Public Safety
  • Traffic Controls

...and the list goes on.

Did you know that you can use those mandates to your advantage? BLN Broadband can show you how to leverage the mandates and make better, smarter infrastructure decisions to innovate for your community. The powerful combination of BLN’s longevity and strength plus NI Solutions fiber engineering and Spearpoint Associates customized solutions and expertise in developing Public/Private Partnerships brings the best of the 21st century’s digital advancements to meet your unique local financial and technical challenges. Instead of investing in proprietary network and cloud solutions, we will enhance your assets to the benefit of your community. Customized to meet the needs of your town and secure to meet the needs of your people.