Ronald Regan Parkway

HENDRICKS & BOONE COUNTY, IN—The Hendricks County Board of Commissioners proposed the extension of Ronald Reagan Parkway from 600 North to the I-65/SR 267 interchange, a length of approximately 10 miles. A feasibility study was prepared that evaluated various alternatives. The evaluation of each corridor consisted of a macro-level analysis of engineering constraints. General alignments were developed to quantify engineering impacts of each corridor, which were refined to two possible alignments.

Project Details

The proposed project involves the preparation of an Environmental Assessment/Finding Of No Significant Impact (EA/FONSI). The initial impact analysis will be developed to define the environmental impacts within the selected corridors, leading to the selection of one preferred alignment. Once a preferred alignment is selected, aerial mapping will be flown within the preferred corridor, and the EA/FONSI will be finalized.

Public Involvement
Public involvement will be conducted throughout the development of the project to obtain input on the corridor selection process.


Ronald Regan 1

Ronald Regan 2


Approximately 10 miles, Ronald Reagan Parkway will connect 600N to the I-65/SR 267 interchange.

Client: Hendricks and Boone County

In-House Services Included

  • Environmental Services
  • Transportation
    • Alignment Study
    • Design
  • Survey
  • Right-of-Way Services
  • Construction Inspection