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FORT WAYNE, IN—BLN has worked with the Fort Wayne Water Resources Division on several water main replacement and extension projects. The replacement projects have been in older developed neighborhoods within the city. These projects have taken advantage of a relatively new construction method in the water main construction industry. Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) has been used in the telephone utility industry for several years. The HDD method has been used more recently for critical crossings, where surface restoration was not an option, in water and sewer applications.

A Unique Project

The unique component of the water main replacement projects in Fort Wayne is that the entire project was constructed by the HDD method. Our first project with the City was bid as a traditional open-cut trench project with an alternate bid for the HDD method. The alternated bids were actually lower than the bids for the open-cut trench approach. Our remaining work with the city in these older neighborhoods has been designed to be constructed by the HDD method only.

These projects still do require a small portion of the work to be constructed by the open-trench approach. On a replacement project, the reconnections into the existing system are typically already beneath the existing pavement and require the traditional trench style construction to make the reconnections. Additionally the water service connections are also connected to the new water main in an open trench. The water services are then installed across the street by the HDD method.


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This entire project was constructed using the HDD (horizontal directional drilling).

Client: City of Fort Wayne

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