Environmental engineering has grown over the last 40 years from a branch of civil engineering, to an independent, multifaceted engineering field. Complex environmental regulations and diverse utility funding sources guide the need for environmental engineering. Today's environmental engineer must be knowledgeable in utility financing, environmental regulations, hydrogeology, biology, chemistry, and hydraulics.

To guide you through the complexities of today's utility needs, you need an environmental engineering team with a broad background of education and experience. BLN offers a diverse range of experience, from traditional to innovative solutions to your utility problems.

At Beam, Longest and Neff, customer service is our #1 priority! We work with clients to secure the funding necessary for their projects, and create solutions that serve residents' needs.

water resources

Past Performance

Sanitary Sewer



BLN Water Resources Project

BLN Water Resources Project


Supply and Treatment

  • Wells & Surface Water Supply
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Stormwater BMP's
  • Decentralized Treatment Systems with On-Site Disposal
  • Regulatory Compliance & Process Analysis

Distribution and Collection

  • Water Mains & Tanks
  • Water Pumping Stations
  • Gravity Sanitary Sewers
  • Low Pressure Sewers with Grinders
  • Trenchless Pipe Installation
  • Sewer Rehabilitation including Trenchless
  • Sanitary / Stormwater Lift Stations & Force Mains
  • Storm Sewers, Legal Drains & Open Ditches

Studies and Investigations

  • Water, Wastewater & Stormwater Master Plans
  • Preliminary Engineering Reports
  • Pilot Plant Studies
  • I & I Investigations
  • In-Pipe Flow Metering & Analysis
  • Hydraulic Modelling - Sewer, Water & Drainage

Funding Assistance

  • Rural Development (RD) Loans & Grants
  • Office of Community & Rural Affairs (OCRA)
  • CFF Grants
  • State Revolving Fund (SRF) Programs