To help complete your project accurately and efficiently, BLN's Construction Services Department is available to oversee all construction activities. Utilizing a clearly defined method of approach to Construction Inspection projects, our team tracks all progress and ensures compliance with plans and permits. BLN Project Inspectors maintain a consistent presence at the worksite and provide detailed accounts of construction activities and progress.

Customer service is our #1 priority! Our Project Inspectors emphasize communication between the LPA agency, INDOT, the FHWA, the contractor, all utilities and the design consultant throughout the duration of the construction project. This method ensures proper construction of a project, and adherence to time and budget.

Construction Observation

Past Performance



BLN Construction Observation

BLN Construction Observation


Preliminary Activities

  • Review Construction Contract and Plans
  • Field Visit
  • Verify Right-of-Way Status
  • Pre-Construction Meeting

Field Work

  • Coordination with INDOT
  • Materials Sampling and Testing
  • Ensure Adherence to Permits
  • Verify Materials Comply with Shop Plans
  • Observation of Contractor's Work
  • Monitor Traffic Control
  • Pre-Final Inspection
  • Final Inspection

Final Construction Records

  • Final Construction Record Documents
  • Filing of Reports & As-Built Drawings