Madison County Bridge No. 50 | Bridge Replacement

MADISON COUNTY, IN—For this project, Beam, Longest and Neff developed the design for the replacement of Madison County Bridge #50, and roadway design for the reconstruction of Madison County Road 500 West (11th Street) over Pipe Creek. This project was located in the Town of Frankton, Indiana.

The Roadway and Structure

This project included a 0.4 mile stretch of CR 500 W, beginning at the intersection of SR 128 and extending North to approximately 850 feet north of Bridge No. 50.

The existing three-span precast concrete channel beam bridge was replaced with a single-span prestressed concrete bulb-tee beam bridge. The total bridge length is 131'-3" with approximately 1900' of approach road work.

Additional BLN Services

In addition to bridge replacement and approaches, this project included a retaining wall, curb and gutter, sidewalks and decorative lighting.

This project also included the development of a mitigation, planting and monitoring plan for impacts to Madison County Bridges No. 50 and No. 44. The mitigation site is located northwest of Madison Co. Bridge No. 50 between a tributary of Pipe Creek and a farm field. The site is approximately 3.10 acre in size consisting of both palustrine emergent (PEM) and palustrine forested (PFO) wetlands. Monitoring of the constructed site is ongoing at this time with the completion of yearly monitoring reports.


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ACEC Merit Award winner.

Client: Madison County

In-House Services Included

  • Bridge Design
  • Transportation
  • Environmental Services
    • Wetland Mitigation
  • Construction Inspection