Hamilton County Bridge No. 208 | Bridge Replacement

HAMILTON COUNTY, IN—Hamilton County selected BLN to develop the design for this new bridge. Coordination between BLN, Hamilton County, the City of Noblesville and the Hamilton County Parks Department was key in the overall success of the project, as it tied into two projects that were being completed by another consultant.

The Structure

The 4-span continuous composite plate girder beam structure is approximately 438 feet long. The bridge was built in a vertical curve with a zero degree skew. An extra girder line was added to the bridge and the slab flared at the southwest corner to allow for additional room at the intersection of Field Drive with State Road 19 just west of the bridge.

Additional BLN Services

In addition to the road and bridge work, a 0.75 acre wetland was constructed on site to mitigate wetlands lost due to the construction of this project, and 6.0 acres of trees were planted off site to provide for habitat relocation.


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ACEC Engineering Excellence Merit Award winner.

"...6 acres of of trees were planted offsite to provide for habitat relocation."

Client: Hamilton County

In-House Services Included

  • Bridge Design
  • Environmental Serivces
    • Permitting
    • Wetland Mitigation and Monitoring
  • Right-of-Way Engineering
  • Construction Inspection