Delaware County Tillotson Overpass | Bridge Rehabilitation

DELAWARE COUNTY, IN—Also known as Delaware County Bridge No. 520, this structure serves as a gateway to Muncie, IN giving vehicles and trains uninterrupted access. It was originally constructed in 1975 and was experiencing heavy deterioration, particularly to the deck, superstructure, end and interior bent caps and some columns.

BLN's rehabilitation included the removal and replacement of the existing superstructure and approach slabs. Our Bridge engineers also eliminated all joints making the structure continuous, which provides protection again direct water infiltration and increases the life of the structure.

BLN Delaware-520 Rehabilitation

Unique Feature

For long-term aesthetic appeal, the bridge was masonry and anti-graffiti coated to improve the appearance of the structure.

Project Specifications

  • 5 span continuous composite prestressed concrete I-beam bridge
  • Structure is 314' long
  • Included 800' of approach work
  • Carries Tillostson Ave over SR 32, CSX Railroad and 8th Street

BLN Delaware-520 Rehabilitation-4

BLN Delaware-520 Rehabilitation-3

BLN Delaware-520 Rehabilitation-2




ACEC Merit Award winner.

Client: Delaware County, IN

In-House Services Included

  • Bridge Design
  • Construction Observation