I-465 and State Road 37 | Interchange Modification

INDIANAPOLIS, IN—The interchange at I-465 and SR 37 (South Junction) was experiencing a lack of traffic carrying capacity. With a goal of improving operations and increasing capacity, BLN was selected by INDOT to modify the existing exit ramps as well as the area of influence on SR 37 from Thompson Road north to Pilot Drive.

By increasing the number of traffic lanes, the additional capacity of this interchange provides the traveling public a safe and efficient route. The southwest exit ramp and the northeast exit ramp were both widened from 2 to 4 lanes. Each exit ramp has dual left turn lanes, as well as dual right turn lanes. Phased construction in combination with a detour route helped maintain traffic while BLN's solutions were implemented.

Reducing Costs

With heavy truck volume in this area, it was important to remain inside of the existing right-of-way along SR 37, minimizing utility relocations, and reducing project delays and costs. BLN's Transportation engineers were able to work within these parameters and delivered the project on time and under budget.

Project Specifications

  • Ramps were widened according to 3R design criteria
  • Total project lenth is approximately 2700'
  • Guardrail was used where retaining walls existed to protect the bridge piers

BLN I-465 SR-37 Interchange

BLN I-465 SR-37 Interchange-2

BLN I-465 SR-37 Interchange-3




ACEC Merit Award Winner.

Client: INDOT

In-House Services Included

  • Roadway Design
  • Right-of-Way Engineering
  • Right-of-Way Services
  • Environmental Services