Wiser Addition Sanitary Sewer System | Wastewater

MORGAN COUNTY, IN—This proposed project consists of the design of a sanitary sewer system, a duplex lift station and force main to serve the Wiser Addition. This area is adjacent to Morgan County Road 1250 North. This project includes approximately 7,600 feet of 8” gravity sewer, a 6 foot diameter submersible lift station and approximately 2,600 feet of 4” or 6” force main. Aqua Indiana will expand its Wildwood Wastewater Treatment Plant and operate this sanitary sewer system upon completion. Upon payment of all indebtedness, ownership of the sewer system will be conveyed to Aqua Indiana. All design is being completed in accordance with Aqua Indiana’s utility standards.

Project Details

The Wiser Addition project consists of supplying new sanitary sewer service to 102 homes currently on failing septic systems. This project spanned 7 years from study to ground breaking, and was a collaborative effort between OCRA, STAG, Aqua Indiana and Morgan County. There was tremendous need for this project. During rainy weather residents could not use their showers, washing machines or dishwashers, and wastewater seeped up through the soil. The Wiser Addition project not only solves the neighborhood’s wastewater issues, but is also designed to restore the drainage system. This project includes 5,727 lf of 8” gravity sewer pipe, 1,267 lf of 10” gravity sewer pipe and 22 new manholes. In addition to the installation of new sewer pipe, two pump stations are included in this project. The 80 gpm Hadley Road Lift station also includes 1,638 lf of 4” force main. The Jackson Street submersible grinder pump station operates at 50 gpm and includes 554 lf of 2” force main.


With BLN's assistance, Morgan County funded this project through SRF and OCRA funds.




"Design of this project is being completed in strict adherence to Aqua Indiana Standards."

Client: Morgan County

In-House Services Included

  • Environmental Engineering
    • Sanitary Sewer System
    • Design
    • Funding Assistance (SRF & OCRA)