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AUBURN, IN—BLN worked with the City of Auburn for the planning, design and construction of their wastewater treatment plant expansion and sewer main extension. BLN concurrently designed a gravity sanitary sewer extension project to serve the unincorporated community of Auburn Junction to serve approximately 40 existing homes.

This project included both highway and railroad jack and bore installations of the sewer main. The project included renovating their existing 2.0 MGD treatment plant located on the western side of Cedar Creek and constructing a new 2.5 MGD treatment facility on the eastern side of Cedar Creek. The treatment plant is a tertiary aeration plant with primary clarification, aeration, and secondary clarification, disinfection, and a final polishing pond. The combined treatment plant capacity if 4.5 MGD, with a peak flow of 9.0 MGD.

A Revenue Generating Solution

BLN's treatment plant renovation of the main headwork facility split the influent flow between two plants. The existing anaerobic digesters were converted to sludge storage tanks, and a new sludge facility was constructed at the new plant. The new sludge processing facility was constructed to use the N-Viro Soil™ process, which utilizes the addition of a combination of the plants' waste activated sludge and alkaline by-products to produce a Class A Excellent Quality Sludge (EQS). The resultant product can then be sold for use in agricultural and horticultural applications.

Additionally the City has a septage receiving facility, which allows the City to process other community's sludge. This creates another revenue source from this sludge process.


BLN assisted the City of Auburn obtain an IDEM-SRF loan for this project.


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"In addition to providing the community with a needed wastewater treatment plant expansion, BLN also provided Auburn with a revenue generating solution."

Client: City of Auburn

In-House Services Included

  • Environmental Engineering
    • Funding Assistance
    • Planning
  • Survey
  • Right-of-Way Engineering
  • Right-of-Way Services
  • Structural Design
  • Construction Inspection