Wheeling Avenue Cantilever Walkway | Bridge Rehabilitation

MUNCIE, IN—This project included repairs to an early 1900's Army Corps of Engineers retaining wall, construction of a cantilevered walkway and three overlooks overhanging the White River, and installation of ornamental lighting and railing. BLN provided the engineering design for the walkway and overlooks, survey and construction observation. The scope of this project increased several times to accommodate the City of Muncie's vision for this project.

The Structure

The walkway cantilevers a maximum of 6'-6" over the White River and features three overlooks, which overhang the White River by 16 feet. This 1,640 feet long walkway connects two trailheads of the Muncie/Cardinal Greenway trail system. The cantilevered sidewalk utilizes a large concrete deadman as a counterweight to prevent overturning of the walkway. The deadman varies in depth in relation to the width of overhang, which minimized project costs.

Additional BLN Services

Benches and flower planters placed on the overlooks in the designated congregation areas are separated from the path by utilizing a concrete stamping pattern. Ornamental lighting and traffic signals placed throughout the area sit on concrete pedestals and are lined with decorative vehicular railing. Flag brackets and electrical outlets are also attached to the ornamental lighting.


wheeling avenue cantilever 1

wheeling avenue cantilever 2


ACEC Merit Award winner.

This project was designed to include and reflect existing aesthetic treatments. Along with the rehabilitation of the existing structure, BLN also designed a cantilever walkway with decorative railing.

Client: City of Muncie

In-House Services Included

  • Bridge Design
  • Survey
  • Construction Inspection